Technical data and information

Recommendations for using SALINA Breeze

Just fill the SALINA Breeze with descaled water or use an osmosis system when operating a SALINA Breeze.
The water can be mineralised using standard domestic cooking salt.

When in use, the amount of water the saline tower evaporates will depend on the indoor temperature, the size of the system and of the room. We therefore recommend that the level of water is checked regularly, to make sure that the pump does not suffer any damage.

Manual operation

If you are operating the saline tower manually, we recommend that the level of water is checked daily and topped up with descaled water. This procedure can also be automated if you prefer (see below). Keeping the water at a constant level means that you are guaranteed to enjoy the positive effects of SALINA Breeze all the time and without any restrictions.

Crystallisation on the blackthorn twigs slightly reduces the concentration of salt in the brine over time. This is why the concentration of salt should be measured once a year, so that a bit more salt can be added if needed.

Automated operation

As has already been mentioned, the water and salt need to be topped up at regular intervals.
This procedure can also be partially automated or completely automatic.

We offer a water softening system or an osmosis unit as accessories if you want automated operation. These high-quality systems are supplied by a specialist company and will obviously be installed by a qualified technician.

There is the option of installing a fully-automatic dosing system, which means that the concentration of salt can be kept at the best possible level.

Automated operation is possible, whatever the size of the saline evaporation tower.



Our saline evaporation tower is made of high-quality stainless steel – but you may find that the particular visual impact of this material does not harmonise very well with every location. That’s why we designed our saline for cladding with noble materials:

You therefore have the option of using natural stone cladding, such as marble or granite, on the outside of your saline evaporation tower.

New and extremely hard-wearing: cladding made from high-strength special ceramics

This ceramic, which is easy to care for, turns your saline into a unique object with a “one-of-a-kind character”. Requests for marble, granite, slate, concrete, wood or metal looks can be realized here.

Here you can see examples of our ceramic cladding – a visual treat! More information and pictures will follow shortly!

Tell us what you want – we will find the best possible solution to meet your needs!

Technical information


Height 1.80 m
Width 1.40 m
Depth 0.60 m
Weight around 200 kg
Water tank 100 – 120 litres
Water softening optional
Osmosis system optional
automatic dosing system optional