The beneficial sea breeze for your home.

Purifies and refreshes the air

In every respect, SALINA Breeze creates a pleasant indoor climate in your own home or in your workplace. It creates a micro-climate like you find by the sea, which feels very pleasant. Enjoy the beneficial effect on your airways and your lungs that makes you feel like you’re on holiday!

The SALINA Breeze does two jobs: at those times of the year when it gets hot, our saline evaporation tower works like a natural air-conditioning system and provides cooler fresh air. When you turn the heating on in the winter, the dry indoor air is humidified, which feels much more pleasant.

Our SALINA Breeze in the winter garden of an enthusiastic customer …

A pleasantly fresh room climate has established itself in the winter garden within a short time and has assumed a stable state.

The natural air-conditioning system in the summer

At those times of the year when it gets hot, the water evaporates as it trickles down constantly, creating the pleasant feeling of freshness you need in the room. This means that air-conditioning systems can be used less. The purified air that has been cooled down to a pleasant temperature is much more pleasant than the cold, dry air indoors that is created by an air-conditioning system.

In addition, air-conditions systems often spread viruses and other pathogens more quickly. To reduce this adverse effect that air-conditioning systems have, SALINA Breeze is also effective at killing bacteria, because the salt aerosols purify the air.

The benefits of SALINA Breeze in heated rooms do not require any further explanation. If the air in a room is too dry and dusty, this is a perfect breeding ground for spreading infections. It is also regarded as one of the triggers for anyone who is allergic to pollen. If your mucous membranes keep moist thanks to the salt molecules that kill bacteria, this significantly reduces the adverse effects in heated rooms.

Flexible and easy to use

Small saline evaporation towers for domestic use can be moved around easily on their rollers. This flexibility means that they can be used in living areas, in the conservatory or on a patio.

The size of the saline evaporation tower can be individually adapted depending on the size of the room and the area where you are planning to use it.

In hotels, restaurants, conference centres and other establishments, our SALINA Breeze is really eye-catching and particularly attractive in any size and configuration.

Breathe more easily thanks to SALINA Breeze

The positive effects of briny air on your health wellbeing:

  • The mucous membranes in the upper parts of your respiratory tract and inside your lungs become moistened
  • Brine is highly-effective at killing bacteria and is an anti-inflammatory
  • The swelling in mucous membranes goes down and secretions dissolve more easily
  • Breathing becomes noticeably freer in a short space of time
  • Pollen allergies are eased efficiently

This means that anyone who has one of the various conditions that affect the respiratory tract can benefit from the purified, damp and salty air, much like taking a holiday by the sea.

in healthy people briny air provides protection from colds and reduces proneness to infections significantly.

Basic principle and technical information

Information about how a saline evaporation tower works and technical information about SALINA Breeze can be found here:

SALINA Breeze – An innovative product of the design forge
Ce’ Belle Design

The SALINA Breeze mini graduation tower is an innovative product from Ce ’Belle Design. A design forge from Monzingen, newly founded in 2018, with the aim of creating durable design products from high-quality materials.

Ce' Belle Design