How a salt evaporation tower works

The principle of a salt evaporation tower

Salty water is pumped through a system of pipes up into the salt evaporation tower, so it can then slowly trickle downwards through the blackthorn twigs. During this process, part of the salt water gradually evaporates in a natural way. The large surface area of the twigs helps this happen.

As it trickles down, the brine enriches the air with droplets of brine and salt aerosol. One of the things that happens during this is that the ambient air becomes moistened. At the same time particles of dust are also drawn out of the air.

The effects of briny air on health

  • the mucous membranes in the upper parts of the respiratory tract and inside your lungs become moistened
  • Brine is highly-effective at killing bacteria and is an anti-inflammatory
  • The swelling in mucous membranes goes down and secretions dissolve more easily
  • breathing becomes noticeably freer in a short space of time
  • Pollen allergies are eased efficiently

This means that anyone who has one of the various conditions that affect the respiratory tract can benefit from the purified, damp and salty air, much like taking a holiday by the sea. In healthy people it provides protection from colds and reduces proneness to infections significantly.

SALINA Breeze – a natural air-conditioning system

With SALINA Breeze you can create a pleasant indoor climate in your own home or in your workplace. SALINA Breeze works like a natural air-conditioning system: hot air gets cooled down in the summer, so it becomes pleasantly cool and refreshing. In winter indoor air, which is usually too dry, becomes moister. These effects create their own micro-climate in the room, which has a positive effect on your respiratory tract and inside your lungs.

The micro-climate

As the brine evaporates, a zone of between three to four meters is created around our SALINA Breeze, which is enriched with salt aerosols. Within a very short space of time, this micro-climate helps you breathe more easily and provides an overall beneficial effect for your respiratory tract, the bronchial tubes inside your lungs and your skin as you inhale.

The positive effects on your wellbeing

SALINA Breeze has a positive effect in these areas:

  • a positive effect on the climate indoors
  • cool and refreshing in hot temperatures during the summer
  • humidifies dry air in heated rooms in the winter
  • stops your mucous membranes drying out
  • reduces the amount an air-conditioning system needs to be used in the summer
  • makes breathing easier thanks to its positive effects on your respiratory tract and your bronchial tubes

How SALINA Breeze is designed to work

Salina Breeze - How it works - Air cooling

Cooling in the summer

Warm, stuffy air often accumulates indoors on hot summer days.

SALINA Breeze creates a positive micro-climate in the room. Cooling and convection make the whole room feel pleasantly cool and fresh after just a short time. High temperatures at the height of the summer give way to a pleasant indoor climate.

Salina Breeze - How it works - humidity salt breeze

Increasing air humidity in the winter

Heated air in rooms indoors can be very dry, especially in the winter, which is not good for your health and creates an unpleasant sensation.

As the name suggests, damp air and salt aerosols are wafted around the room, thanks to SALINA Breeze. This counteracts the dry climate indoors and increases the air humidity all round the room.

Where SALINA Breeze can be used

Create a feel-good climate in your own home or for the employees at your company. SALINA Breeze creates a very pleasant indoor climate in your home and is particularly eyecatching in hotels, surgeries, company foyers, canteens, restaurants, cafés, shopping malls, etc.

The rollers make the SALINA Breeze very flexible, so it can be used in living and working areas, in a conservatory or on a patio. This means that moving it around is not a problem, so you can do this whenever you like.

The big model for SALINA Breeze

The largest open-air inhalatorium in Europe is located in the spa town of Bad Kreuznach in the Salinen Valley. Graduation towers with a total length of over 1 km create fresh air just like at the sea. Many spa guests take advantage of this beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes every year.

On the website of the Gesundheit und Tourismus GmbH for Bad Kreuznach you will find more information about this unique open-air facility: >> Salinental Bad Kreuznach